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Security & Protection

We are one of the leading suppliers of security & protection equipment in the Sultanate of Oman, offering Turnkey solutions for specialized products from supply, installation, and training and after sales services. We have been involved in this sector for the past two decades and have become the leading supplier for X-Ray screening systems through our established partnership with Smiths Detection. We are proud to have established successful client relationships with some of the most vital public sector organizations in Oman and our reputation within this sector speaks for itself.

  • Principals
  • Projects

Scanning Systems – Smiths Heimann, Germany

  • Baggage X-ray systems
  • Freight / Cargo X-ray systems
  • Explosive X-ray systems
  • Mobile X-ray systems

Metal Detectors, Ceia, Italy

  • Multi-zone Walk through Metal Detectors
  • Hand Held Metal Detector
  • Portable Metal Detector

Access Technology – Stanley, UK

  • Motorized Glass Gates/ Doors
  • Sliding & Revolving Doors

Protection, Detection & Decontamination Systems- OWR, Germany

  • NBC Protection, Detection and Decontamination Systems
  • Mobile / Conventional X-Ray Screening Equipments for DIWAN / ROP / RAFO
  • X-Ray Screening Systems at Muscat & Salalah  International Airports
  • Walk Through Metal Detectors  at Muscat & Salalah  International Airports 
  • CCTV System at the Terminal Building & VIP Building at the Muscat International Airport
  • Automatic Explosive detection System integrated with the Baggage handling System at Muscat International Airport
  • Walk Through Personal body Scanner Portals for Royal Flight